Октокоптер SureFly 8-2-2018 Flight Test Reel

В Манхэттене, США, компания Workhorse представила миру пару “гостей из будущего”: электрический пикап W-15 и пассажирский гибридный октокоптер SureFly >>> см. «живой звук» старта октокоптера

SureFly the personal helicopter/EVTOL aircraft designed for safe and easy flight — completely conceived, designed, built and tested in America by Workhorse — has taken flight, completing its first successful, manned, untethered hover outside of Cincinnati. This video is a progress report of the past few months’ work leading up to lift off.

Workhorse is the only company with the necessary FAA experimental certification to test this type of vehicle in the United States. The team is working closely with the FAA, which had a representative on site for the test.